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Our company provides high quality geospatial services and products.

LP360 Software

The World’s Most Powerful LIDAR & Point Cloud Processing Software
Whether from airborne LIDAR or drone collected imagery, 3D point clouds have become a critical element in mapping. LP360, an advanced desktop software, makes easy work of extracting information and deriving products from point clouds in standalone or ArcGIS environment.

Geospasial Service

Photogrammetry is an art and science that is used to get the coordinates of the land (X, Y, Z) using aerial photographic media. Airborne photogrammetry survey is used mainly to map areas that have broad coverage with a relatively short time. By using the latest GNSS / IMU technology, the resulting horizontal and vertical accuracy is able to penetrate <0.25 meters.

Professional Service

Geospatial Training
The training services carry a special mission in relation to human resources at the Company as well as outside the Company. From the preparation of the training schedule to human resource development, also prepare the training materials and instructors.

Remote Sensing

Processing & Data Suply Hi-Res Imagery
Conducting mapping using aerial photo or satellite imagery. Processed through Aero-Triangulation and will result in a digital stereo model that usefull for DTM and Orthophoto generation and also for 3D mapping.

Geographic Information System

GIS Application and Development
With the application of Geographic information system, governments can make a more effective, efficient, and accurate decision. we provide a wide variaty of GIS analysis and application.

Field Surveying

Provide GPS, Toponym, Cadastral Survey
Various on field surveying from GCP measurement to toponimic survey can provide a Ground truth and thematic information to mapping activity that we conduct.

LIDAR & Photogrammetric Point Cloud Processing Software

Dell Precision T7920 Intel Xeon Tower Workstation

Dell’s Precision 7920 Rack is the company’s newest performance-driven, 2U-form-factor-desktop workstation designed for complex projects such as virtual-reality workflows. This powerful workstation provides datacenter protection, access to shared storage, IT management and control, security and more.

Scalability is ever present in the Precision range and the T7920 is no different, with up to 3TB DDR4 2666MHz available, the immense power of the T7920 can be scaled to the job.

ISV certifications ensure that your performance is put to use, the Dell Precision Optimizer tunes your workstation to make sure you’re getting the most out of you editing workstation.


The Power of Focus

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Take Time to Think

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Latest Leadership Workshop

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Inspirational Workspaces

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